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Relocation Service

Providing customers with professional settlement-related consulting services 

Relocation Service

When you and your family decided to move to a new place, we know it is a big change because you’re stepping away from what is familiar. We will help you smoothly move and settle in new place and live your new life.

Help You to capture the magic of exploring a new location.

Our Services

Pre-move and budget Planning
Pick-up Service
Financial Management
Medical Service Card Application
Medical Service Card Application
Transportation and Property Renting Service
Tanning for New Comers
Community Visit
Tax Planning
Vehicle Renting Service
Real estate purchase
Bank account opening
Careers Guidance
Other Settlement Guidance for New Comers

Embrace Change and Trust Us

Maybe you’ve never moved for a job. Maybe you’ve never moved. No matter what, change is tough, and leaving a home can be sad. 

Do not worry, we will make the move much easier and help you overcome challenges. Whenever you feel alone or sad, remember that relocating for a job represents a new start, something fresh to be celebrated!

New Experiences Help 

We all like to experience new things with people we care about. So, when you move, try to find ways to get to know your neighbors on a personal level. Let’s take the opportunity to do things you have always wanted to do but never made time for, such as trying new foods or making friends.

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