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Ignite Oversea Investment

Telent Search& Recruitment & Relocation Service

Offering the best talent search, recruitment, and relocation service in Canada.

​About Us


Relocation Service

Dedicated to connecting the best talent for business development across Canada

We are serving the professional recruitment, relocation and settlement needs, and professional consulting services for business development of Vancouver, the wider British Columbia region and Western Canada as well as providing customers from all over the world with visa and immigration applications.

Telent Search & Recruitment

Trusted by 1000+ BC Employers 


We apply these skills to maintain and grow a diverse candidate pipeline. We have established a deep partnership with various local companies and our client base is similarly diverse, from small to large corporations, private and public companies, from manufacturing to warehouse and tech,  finding and placing market-leading talent across a broad range of sectors.


Our Services

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Telent Search & Recruitment

Sourcing, recruiting and evaluating the best talent across a broad range of sectors

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Relocation Service

Providing customers with professional settlement-related consulting services 


Investment consulting Services

Provide support to companies to develop local business


​Why Choose Us

Help families to minimize the upheaval.

Help companies to maintain their policies and achieve the outcomes. 

Help individuals to capture the magic of exploring a new location.



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